Climate Change Persuasive Essay Topics for Middle School

The Climate Change Persuasive Essay Topics for Middle School

Being a middle or high school student might require you to be able to select and write the proper persuasive essay. You must know how to do proper argument writing, for instance, about fossil fuels, nuclear power. Choose the topic you find environmentally friendly if you are studying in the United States. We do hope that these climate change persuasive essay topics for middle school will inspire you the most!

  1. Recycling must be mandatory.
  2. The danger of the oceanic oil spills.
  3. Why we must use reusable bags.
  4. Why oil requires to be conserved.
  5. Ban mining in areas that are environmentally sensitive.
  6. Why palm oil must be banned.
  7. The environment is more necessary than genetics in determining the way an individual will turn out.
  8. Disposable diapers are very hazardous to the planet’s environment.
  9. Fishing regulations are important to preserve the environment.
  10. The biggest danger of oil drilling in Alaska.
  11. We need investing more in alternative fuels.
  12. Endangered species require protection.
  13. We must strive for a paperless society.
  14. Endangered oceans that deserve protection.
  15. Rain woods need to be protected.
  16. Conserve the planet’s global resources.
  17. Ocean acidification that endangers marine organisms.
  18. The principal threats of the land degradation in Africa / Asia / South America.
  19. The benefits of an intercropping system for the sustainable plant production.
  20. The main reasons for massive coral bleaching.
  21. Why we must be concerned about the ozone depletion in Earth’s stratosphere.
  22. Environmentalists misuse the term of sustainable development.
  23. The advantages of microbes to humans.
  24. Bottom trawling kills for the benthic ecological organisms.
  25. Why the carbon tax must be the next stage in the capitalist world.
  26. Make your own Carbon Footprint & realize the way you are polluting.
  27. Emissions trading and exchangeable emission permitting to work contra-productive in the urgency to blowback global warming.
  28. How to cope with E-waste streams in contemporary India.
  29. Renewable energy technologies like the hydroelectricity, wind energy, biomass & solar power must be stimulated by the government.
  30. Debt-for-nature swaps are the naturaly friendly policies.
  31. Global warming demands the more joined global action than the Kopenhagen did.
  32. How to apply the green ecological sustainable computing at your home Mac or PC or Mac.
  33. The environmental damage of energy consumption forces us to utilize energy alternatives.
  34. Encourage livestock owners to adopt the grazing systems that are sustainable.
  35. Mankind is responsible for the big loss of the biodiversity in nature.
  36. Buy natural & organic produced, and also fair trade products.
  37. Avoid utilizing plastic bags.
  38. Give tax cuts to companies developing wind, solar, & forms of hydrogen energy.
  39. The ever-expanding consumerism has killed the planet.
  40. Hunting sports are harming the biodiversity.
  41. There must be a green tax on the aviation fuel.
  42. Buying durable goods would save the world.
  43. Hundreds of thousands of the species would go extinct by 2060.
  44. Water pollution would be the biggest problem in the world in the next years.
  45. We are wasting the possibility to waste less.
  46. We are killing the rainforests, the planet’s lungs.
  47. Natural disasters that stimulate economic growth.
  48. The change in our climate pattern isn’t natural.

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