45 Persuasive Essay Topics for Middle School Students

What are persuasive essay topics?

 Do you really believe society will become better when smoking will be banned? Do you have some other ideas to improve society? You should be aware of the hottest trends and which of persuasive essay topics for middle school students are rather convincing if it comes to defending your point of view. We will help you select good persuasive essay topics for middle school.  

What is a persuasive paper?

This is a type of academic writing task, explaining a certain issue and targets at convincing the reader in the opinion of the writer. The main point must sound the most valid and logical. You should not only specify the opinion – you should persuade the target reader in your truth. To write a solid persuasive essay, you should do extensive research, utilizing up-to-date and credible sources.

Tips on how to compose the persuasive paper: 

To write a good persuasive essay, you should state facts, give a logical flow of ideas, and make a conclusion. Follow this guide to succeed:

  • When you select a title, choose a preferrable point of view when you decide which issue to cover. Figure out whether there is a way out you might offer based on your knowledge and personal experience. Define the essay’s target.  
  • Define the target reader to figure out whether they agree with your opinion, oppose to the point or remain neutral. 
  • Conduct research on the topic. Try to find convincing pieces of evidence from credible sources that are less than 5 years old. Find the sources in the library or talk to the experts in a certain field. 
  • Elaborate on the essay’s structure. Define which pieces of evidence to add. mind logical order, target, reading your audience, and topics of the paper you have selected. Begin with a catchy hook to draw the reader’s attention. Finish with a powerful conclusion.

Persuasive essay topics for middle school students: 

essay topics for middle school students
  1. Are Young Children Dependent on Contemporary Technology?
  2. Must Dangerous Kinds of Sports Be Prohibited?
  3. How Necessary Is It to Support Local Manufacturers and Prefer Local Food?
  4. What Are the Main Women Rights Issues in Various Countries?
  5. The Study of Harmful Impact of Illegal Drugs such as Marijuana on Health.
  6. If You Had Lots Of Money, What Charity Program Would You Choose to Donate Some of It?
  7. Should People Prepare for Global Warming The Years Ahead?
  8. Must the Government Let Teens Use Birth Control Pills in Pharmacies Much Easier?
  9. Is the Educational Institutions Official Uniform Really a Terrible Idea?
  10. The Stress and Multiple Exams: They Give on Teenagers.
  11. Experience-Grounded Research: Are the Private Educational Institutions Really Much Better?
  12. Is There any Place for the American Dream on a Contemporary History Page?
  13. Genetic Engineering on Modern People: Should It Really Have Pros?
  14. Did It Become Much Easier to Adopt a Kid in Every State?
  15. How Does The Reading Promote The Self-Development?
  16. What Are the Things Making Me Special?
  17. The Effect of Technology on People. 
  18. Things That I am afraid of.
  19. Contemporary diseases and health issues.
  20. Must smoking be banned in public places?
  21. The harmful impact of plastic goods.
  22. How people impact the environment.
  23. The terrible impact of video games
  24. How might knowledge quality be mastered in schools with a low education level?
  25. Is learning foreign languages really necessary?
  26. Cleaning snow from the sidewalks being a part-time work.
  27. Must the government ban hunting?
  28. 10 pluses & minuses of death penalty.
  29. A school official uniform is a bad or good idea?
  30. Are researchers able to utilize cosmetics on animals?
  31. Why helmets must be mandatory for the motorcyclists.
  32. What is much better: private schools or public schools?
  33. Must people be allowed to keep the exotic animals at home?
  34. Kid’s cell phone: pros and cons.
  35. Should mothers stay in the apartments or have to work?
  36. If provided with a chance, what will you do for a poor old man that is living down the street?
  37. What would I do If I were the president?
  38. Do kids need to go to a year-round school?
  39. Pros & cons of zoos.
  40. Achievements of the stem cell researchers.
  41. The book which influenced me a lot. 
  42. The person that  I admire.
  43. Qualities important to become the president.
  44. Do multiple examinations give lots of stress for school girls and boys?
  45. Must teens be able to use birth control pills?

Persuasive essay sample:

The best way to write the persuasive essay

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The final verdict

To sum up, it is very important to choose the topic you know the most about and that sounds interesting and challenging to get to know more. Therefore, select the topic very carefully. The next thing which is necessary is following the traditional essay’s structure. Meaning, your paper should feature the intro, main body, and conclusion. 

You may either write the paper yourself or order it online. However, note that if you use the writing service, you will save a lot of time that could be spent on your friends, hobbies, sleeping, work, or other important things. So it is up to you whether to sit in a library for a long time or relax on the beach.


  1. What are the best topics for a good persuasive essay?

    The most appropriate are those topics that resonate with you For instance, if you do not smoke because you are against bad habits, you may pick up the topic “Reasons why smoking should be banned in public places”.

  2. How do you compose a great persuasive paper for middle school?

    First of all, pick up an interesting topic that you think is very important and cutting edge. Secondly, generate an outline that has a list of ideas mentioned in a logical and smooth order. Thirdly, compose a persuasive paper for middle school. Make sure you proofread and edit it as soon as you finish writing it.

  3. What is a structure of the persuasive paper for middle school students?

    The best persuasive paper structure for middle school is the one that features an interesting introduction with a catchy hook and solid thesis statement. Secondly, such an essay should contain body paragraphs, beginning with a topic sentence and following with the statistics and facts. Thirdly, there must be a good conclusion, restating the thesis statement efficiently.

  4. What are the 5 persuasive methods for writing in the middle school for students?

    Here are the main 5 persuasive techniques such as analysis, paying attention to discourse, evaluation of the data, getting passionate about the topic, and starting a debate.

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