Persuasive Speech Topics About Animals

25 Easy Persuasive Speech Topics About Animals. Pick Yours Here

What is a Persuasive Speech Topic about Animals?

The world of animals is very rich with a wide variety of topics. Today, science knows about 1.2 million of species. They live at the farms, at our homes, in the laboratories, at the zoo, in wild nature, in the ocean, etc. The WorldAtlas’ data tells that the estimated quantity of animals’ species is 8.7 million. Scientists have documented only 14% of all living animals’ species. 

The most persuasive speech topics about animals are connected to animal care and interaction between humans and animals. For example: 

  • How we treat domestic and farm animals.
  • How we take care of our pets.
  • How we act to save rare species of animals.
  • How humans’ activities influence the world of wild animals.
  • How we use animals in testing laboratories, etc. 
  • Do we need all these animals to stay at the zoo?
  • Animals in the circus – is it ethical to make animals entertain the audience staying in a “prison”?
  • What most important things animals do for humans? The underestimated role of animals in our life. 
  • What can we do today to improve our coexistence with animals on this planet?
  • Who are those people who take care of animals’ rights and help to save them for future generations? 

You can check our recommended persuasive speech topics about animals below, and get inspired by National Geographic, Animal Planet, and YouTube stories. A persuasive speech is the one that is close to you personally. Choose the topic that you feel will be easy to support by strong arguments. 

25 Interesting and Easy Persuasive Speech Topics About Animals

  1. What the kids can learn from taking care of pets? How parents and adults can help them? 
  2. Whales help fight climate change by absorbing carbon. What can we do to increase their population?
  3. Dogs are true loyal friends and partners for people. Dogs help to save lives. 
  4. What does it mean to own a horse? How to take care of a horse to achieve results together.
  5. Poisonous and dangerous for humans animals should not be kept at home. 
  6. Should people have animals that are wild by nature at home?
  7. Animals at the zoo – is it right that we keep animals in cages? Is a zoo important for acquaintance and interaction with wild animals? 
  8. Personal code of ethics about taking care of animals. What should everyone learn from childhood about attitude to animals? 
  9. Why do we need to provide medical care for our pets? 
  10. The positive influence of cats on human mood and emotions.
  11. Farm animals – how can we take care of animals better in return for exploiting their labor?
  12. Animal testing – why it is cruel and should be banned?
  13. How fishes help us to relax by observing them at home and in the office?
  14. Using animals skin and fur for the production of clothes and shoes – is it right or wrong?
  15. How dolphins save human lives? It is right that we keep them in aquariums?
  16. Can animals be replaced in food and cosmetic industries today?
  17. We need more information to understand the world of animals around us.
  18. How our progress influences the life of animals in wild nature? What are the most destructive effects?
  19. Should we buy cosmetics tested on animals in the laboratory?
  20. Chimpanzees and other vertebrates are very similar to humans. We should not use them in experiments. 
  21. What are the best pets for kids – hamsters, parrots, cats, dogs or others? 
  22. What can we learn from animals observing the relationships in their communities? Monkeys, tigers, and others. 
  23. The goldfish – how we learn to love and understand our pets that can’t “express” their needs.
  24. What are the most inhumane actions in relation to animals?
  25. Animal Shelters – the stories about people who really care about animals.

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