Easy 5-Minute Persuasive Speech Topics

Easy 5-Minute Persuasive Speech Topics. 5 Simple Steps to Create

5-minute persuasive speech easy topics

How to prepare a short speech – 5 quick and simple steps. Tips to find easy 5-minute persuasive speech topics. Interesting ideas from our speechwriters about the right topics and presentation.

Key Rules for a Short Speech

A 5-minute speech requires the right choice of a persuasive topic, a fast winning of attention at the very beginning, the problem-solution approach and the killing final message. The art of a short live speech is to make people think about your idea, to persuade them that it is important.

In today’s busy life, people are overloaded with different information. They don’t want to listen to banal speeches. They need new emotional and intellectual experience. The audience expects from a speaker to hear new information about the topic that touches the essence of certain actual problems.

They say the best persuasive speech is telling people about the topic that they already know but do not pay enough attention because of a fast life rhythm.

The topic choice process for live and online 5-minute speech will be the same. The specifics of the preparation process will differ. In a live speech, we have more opportunities to influence the audience not just with content, but also by transferring live emotions, accents, and inspiration.

In an online presentation, the requirements for presentation design will have its specifics features. One of them is that people read the text on slides faster than a speaker pronounces it. The general recommendation for online speech is to place on slides a very short thesis and do not repeat them word-to-word during a speech.

To keep within the allotted time for speaking is essential and requires a series of repetitions.

Steps to Create a Five-Minute Persuasive Speech

5 Simple Steps to Create a Five-Minute Persuasive Speech

Choose a topic that is close to you personally and touches your audience’s real interests.

The best persuasive topic contains a conflict or problem that you are going to solve. Some of easy 5-minute persuasive speech topic examples:

Education: a problem of choice, how to find money, teacher’s role for students, how to increase efficiency, discipline issues, key problems of relationships.
Society: social media influence, lack of tolerance, information hygiene, the influence of the media, the problem of loneliness in the digital world, caring for vulnerable groups, civil society, local communities, security in public places, psychological problems in modern society, professions that save people’s lives, the problems of fast life rhythm.
Health and Wellness: diets and healthy eating, healthcare problems in the country, access to quality healthcare, best ways to keep a body in a good shape, physical and mental health are connected, the benefits of sports, relax and recovery problems. 
Relationships and Personal Development: why we need to improve every day, emotional intelligence and relationships, how to set and achieve goals, how to overcome procrastination, tools for self-motivation, how to choose “yours” goals, how to find a mentor, the importance of staying open and curious.
Environmental Issues and Caring Nature: climate change issues, how to act for a better future, the animals’ care, the alternative energy sources, environmental care begins with the individual choice, why to act for future generations.
People and stories that teach us to be better and inspire. Choose a personality from the past or present and tell what his or her example can teach us all today. Choose a case (a real story) that reflects the key values and inspires others to act. 

Prepare a story that is winning the attention.

The best way to start your 5-minute speech is a short personal story that connects a speaker to the audience’s interest. A story should be strong and appeal to everyone in the room. 

Write down a plan and create the text draft.

The recommended structure is: 

– Short topic introduction.
– Core problem or conflict definition.
– Facts that support the topic’s importance.
– Possible solution and its potential benefits. 
– Future opportunities and threats (“what if…”).
– Strong concluding message.

Design your visual presentation.

The key rule for a five-minute presentation is one idea – one slide. Use short phrases, readable font, and high-quality pictures.

Rehearse and edit the presentation

Rehearse and edit the presentation until it is as natural, clear and catchy as possible.

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