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The best easy to research persuasive speech topics

Preparing a persuasive speech or essay is a very interesting task during your educational process! If you are going to present yourself as an excellent orator, you should combine improvisation with very thorough preparation. The main thing you need to do to write this academic essay is to find a delightful topic that will immediately amaze your audience. Of course, this task can be pretty daunting. But our professional authors have done a great job to create a list of awesome ideas for your persuasive speech. In this guide, you will also find some useful tips that will help you come up with your own professional easy to research persuasive speech topics.

How to make sure your topic is perfect?

There may be many persuasive speeches. But one academic essay will always be better than others. It is not always easy to explain the reasons, but we will offer you some important factors that will help you find a really awesome topic.

The topic that is interesting to you

Honestly, this is the most important factor. If you want to create a truly persuasive speech, you should be sincerely interested in your topic. You can do a little research and determine whether your heart is really into it. This will help you not only identify a good topic but also put passion in the main part of your professional essay.

The topic that excites people

You can choose even the most interesting topic for yourself, but this does not mean that you will not be the only person who will be interested in this. Think about what might attract the attention of your audience. Who are these people? What do they believe in? What do they want to hear? What can shock them? Finding a balance between these two aspects is not easy, but we are sure we will manage it.

The topic that is not commonplace

If you have heard a large number of persuasive speeches, you can probably highlight some of the most popular topics. All high school students discuss reducing the age of alcohol consumption. Also discussed is the topic of the legalization of euthanasia or marijuana. Of course, every person thinks that he has something to say on this topic. But your audience has heard this information dozens of times. They probably know what you’re going to say. This means that if you choose a similar topic for the essay, make sure that you can offer something new to your listeners.

The topic that is easy to research

The topic for student speeches should not be too complicated and abstruse. You will quickly get tired if you search for information for a long time. It will distract you from the creative flow. Therefore, use our easy to research persuasive speech topics to choose a really interesting one. We have divided them into several subcategories to make this process pretty easier for you. 

Our list of the best persuasive speech topics

list of the best persuasive speech topics

Art / Culture Topics

  1. Why is art therapy so popular today?
  2. Is it important for high school students to learn to play musical instruments?
  3. How can museums attract more visitors?
  4. Graffiti: city decoration or vandalism?
  5. How to attract youth to cultural events
  6. Overcoming psychological problems through art
  7. What to prefer: paper or electronic books?
  8. The benefits of classical literature

Economic Topics

  1. Should all learning internships be paid?
  2. How does cycling help save the economy?
  3. Positive and negative effects of Brexit
  4. What benefits are really needed for senior citizens?
  5. Why are some people poor and others rich?
  6. How to get rid of the problem of social inequality?
  7. Should I introduce a mandatory tip system?
  8. The introduction of a fixed income for all citizens: the pros and cons

Education Topics

  1. Should students who engage in bullying be excluded from their education?
  2. How many foreign languages should students study in high schools?
  3. Encouraging teachers whose students show amazing results
  4. Mobile phones during class: benefit or distraction?
  5. What helps make education truly worthy?
  6. How to instill in your child a love of reading?

Health Topics

  1. Should condoms and birth control pills be free for high school students?
  2. Can people hide their HIV status?
  3. Is carbonated drinks and fast food tax right?
  4. Benefits of regular blood donation
  5. Ethical issues of euthanasia

Science and Environment Topic

  1. Why are reusable bags very popular today?
  2. Is it worth returning to Pluto the status of a planet?
  3. Recycling revenue: is there a trade-off?
  4. How harmful are oil spills in the ocean?
  5. Reasons to donate your body for medical research

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