Essay Topics with the US Constitution

What are Easy Persuasive Essay Topics with the US Constitution

Persuasive Political Essay Topics. The US Constitution

The US Constitution topic is one of the most important and wide areas for persuasive essay creation. The status of the supreme law gives an opportunity to refer to its basic concepts, rights, and conditions in all other important political and social topics.

The persuasive type of essay writing requires the author to formulate a strong idea to rise the audience’s interest and influence people to accept your point of view. One should provide facts and logical explanations to convince the readers about the truthfulness and validity of the topic.

The most important criteria of persuasive political speech or written essay are:

  • The clear definition and explanation of the topic idea. People can accept or debate for some points of the idea when they understand its sense.
  • The persuasive idea is supported with relevant and credible facts and references.
  • The professional audience of an essay (like school instructors) will also estimate the quality of the author’s thought process. The high-level of investigation skills and critical thinking are required.

Steps to Persuasive Political Essay Creation

  1. Choosing the topic for a persuasive essay with the US Constitution. Depending on the goal – a political speech, an academic paper, an essay for education institution, content for a blog or social media account, the topic choice will differ. But the logic of the topic’s finding process will be very similar.
  • A strong essay topic with the US Constitution addresses the most important social, political and American citizens’ wellbeing issues. All the most important decisions and actions on any level are subject to the Constitution as one reference and the supreme law.
  • Choose a social or political topic that is really important for most people in the US. For successful essay creation, the topic should be “dynamic”. It means that the topic reflects what has happened in the past (impacted the people’s wellbeing and created new challenges), what is happening at the moment (we will convince our essay readers or speech listeners that this issue is worthy public attention and offer our point of view on it), what we want for the future (the impact of our essay). What is the hottest topic in media today? What do people discuss and argue on Twitter addressing the information from credible resources? What was the latest information referring to the Constitution in the speeches and public messages of the US President, White House, the States’ political leaders, and other authority people and organizations?
  • Refresh the author’s knowledge on the key points provided in the US constitution to ensure that your addressing to the supreme law is correct. The web sites of the United States government provide all this information in detail.
  • Check if this concrete topic is exciting, familiar and challenging for you personally. And for people from your environment.

Some ideas to inspire and support your political essay topic choice with the US Constitution:

ideas political essay topic

Education, civil rights and freedom, equality, healthcare, peace, financial provision, access to resources and opportunities, American population trends, society development, law and judicial system, political decisions that influence the economic situation on the national, state or local community level, environmental issues, international relationships, free trade agreements, raising public awareness, “people believe that…” and “government should…” topics, etc.

  1. An essay mind-map. The persuasive written paper or speech with the US constitution as one reference is not the one that has a straightforward way to conclusions. You can start by writing an essay draft. But it is also important to design your mind-map which will lead your thought process and help to select the worthy ideas for the political essay.
  1. Writing-speaking-editing process. The professional speechwriters may know this essential essay creation cycle. You write, speak your text out loud, and edit until your text meets the criteria of persuasive political essay.

Persuasive Essay Writing Help

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