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Speechwriting help. The key mistakes and how to improve

Why the Successful Speechwriting is So Important?

The ability to make speeches today is one of the most important soft skills in every industry. Students and professors, businessmen and employees, startups and crowdfunds, coaches and trainers, motivation speakers… – everybody need an efficient tool to bring their ideas to the world and target audience. 

All speeches have a concrete goal – to make your audience to take some positive action. To start learning some topics, to train, to join, to buy, to become an advocate of your ideas and projects. The result of a speech is dependent on speechwriting quality. It is important to understand and work on two key points – avoid the most common mistakes in speechwriting and create an efficient message that people will believe and remember.

Mistakes. The Key Reasons Why Some Speeches Fail

Let’s talk about what happens when a speech is prepared not accurate. Have you ever noticed people who are bored or almost asleep on presentations? Or the audience who is trying hard to understand the main speaker’s concept but cannot and as a result leaves the meeting fully disappointed? To avoid these issues the one who is going to speak should know the following list of “Not-to-Do” in speechwriting.

  • Do not try to build your speech on the ideas and information that you consider to be “most important”. Tell people about things that they really need and want to hear from you.
  • Do not miss the important elements of speech structure – the introduction, the tasks formulations, the overview on existing solutions, the main points of your “offer”, the practical implementation tools, the results that can be obtained if people follow your recommendation, the main risks to consider on the topic, the conclusions (questions, theses, checklists, etc.) – something that your listeners can take-away after your speech.
  • Do not be too general. Stay concrete and follow the key topic. Don’t try to tell about “everything in the world”. 
  • Do not overdo with figures, dates, diagrams, formulas, etc. The average human has his limits on how much information is possible to perceive.
  • Do not underestimate the importance of facts and information checks.
  • Do not use other people’s ideas and citations without indicating the source.
  • Do not use irrelevant data. It can confuse your audience and decrease your authority.
  • Do not think that speech writing and speaking itself will be very easy just because you are the best on this topic. Speech preparation is a separate skill and art.
  1. Examine your audience’s profile, their needs, and key “pains”.
  2. Set a goal – what value you are going to bring based on your main expertise.
  3. Write down the structure of a speech. The text length should correspond to the time allotted for the presentation.
  4. Prepare your text following the main recommendations in the “not-to-do’s” list above.
  5. Check your text, edit, correct all errors.

Practical Tips to Improve Your Speechwriting Skills

Practical Tips to Improve Your Speechwriting

  • When your text is ready, read it out loud. This is a life hack of professional writers. You will find many things to improve your text.
  • Two-iterations principle. When your text is at last ready, close the file and come back to read it tomorrow. The fresh view is important.
  • Don’t try to write down everything word-in-word. Leave some things just as keywords or phrases. It will give you more freedom in live speech.
  • Use the simplest words to explain your concept even if the audience is the same professional. 
  • Prepare questions and “triggers” you are going to use in live speech.

What you should know about the speechwriting

Most frequent questions and answers

On the one hand, the Internet is an endless space of possibilities. You can find any information in a few minutes. On the other hand, many sources are really bad. People spread fakes and untrue information very actively. Therefore, when writing your speech or any other paper, you should be careful. Do not use any information you find. Rely on fact-checking. Even if you use a really trusted source recommended by a professor, you should go a little deeper and check the data you’re going to use.

Choosing a random topic, you really risk it. You do not know if you can really find a lot of information to prepare the paper. Also, a random topic may not be relevant to society.

If you want to write a really interesting speech attractive to your audience, you should start with a topic. This is the first phrase that can immediately excite the minds of your readers. And more importantly, it should be interesting to you. If you feel a passion for the topic, you are more likely to conduct research and spend a lot of time on it.

The structure of speech can be the same as the structure of the essay. In fact, there is a universal template consisting of an introduction, the main part, and a conclusion. And you can use it.

Before starting the writing process, draw up a speech pattern and distribute all your ideas into these main sections. Next, you can highlight the most important information and remove what makes your speech weaker. Remember that your speech is so strong as it’s the weakest part. A responsible approach to structuring and then you do not need to make a lot of effort to write the finished text.

Your speech should be brief enough. If you use a large number of ideas, you will simply confuse your readers. They will receive new information from you, but they won’t understand which of these points really matters.

If you limit the list of main points of your speech, you can prepare something really impressive and inspiring. Listen to the most famous speeches of perfect orators. They may be pretty long, but they always consist of only 2-3 main ideas. It is more important to rely on their quality.

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