Political Speech Writing Techniques

Political Speech Writing Techniques. Mind-changing Communication

The Background of Political Speech Writing 

Political speeches are known since early times when people gathered to listen to their leaders. A political speech is the way how leaders impact the life of society. Today, politics in not only about Presidents or governments, national and local political campaigns. Colleges and universities, science and news delivering industry, sports, global initiatives are also the type of certain “political” impact.  

A speech during the political campaign is usually a self-presentation through other things – initiatives, personal story, vision, values, challenges-solutions, etc. Good speakers make people respect them and connect to their ideas, great speakers make people respect themselves and connect to their authentic. 

Today, people no more want to distract from their everyday affairs to listen to “another political speech”. They can always read the speech summary somewhere in social network, media or watch on YouTube. (If someone will share with them that a speech is worthy). Most often, they ignore political speeches or forget them at the moment when find something interesting and exciting that corresponds to their personal interests and motivation. 

At the same time, political leaders are required to react immediately when something happens. The audience expects to hear the full explanation on what, when, why, where and how has happened. And what is the solution and plan that the politician offers. The cultural mega-trends have significantly changed over the last 10 years. And continue to brings new challenges for speakers and political speechwriters. 

Public speaking on politics in any field is a role of high responsibility. Many details should be studied carefully. Political leaders are always in the focus. And the public does not forgive them mistakes and incompetence. Any speech issue can may have a wide resonance. 

A professionally tailored speech is an opportunity to inspire, involve, make people think, and educate them. Effective communication touches the very essence of people and can change their minds. An advanced political speechwriting is a science and an art. The ability to create excellent political speeches comes with hard training, critical observation of speech cases, reading, listening, and continuous writing. 

Political Speech Writing Techniques and Tips 

  •  “Why?” is always the first and most important question when preparing to write a political speech. To attract voices, draw attention to a problem and solution, calm or inspire – the goal defines the speech content.
  • “Who?” is about deep learning and understanding of concrete audience of a political speech. What are their needs, motivation, pains and fears, latest and future most important events, etc. The audience profile defines the choice of familiar stories and phrases, jokes and calls to action. 
  • Core message. The main idea, the speech “slogan”. It is a simple one-sentence idea. The core message of political speech is the one you start with, develop in the middle of a speech and end with. It is a takeaway that people will remember, think over, share and discuss. The recommended criteria here is: did your speech or will your speech bring “the moment of greatest impact”. 
  • Unique. The greatest political speeches in the world were not ordinary. They had a strong message brought with the help of simple and strong words. Don’t steal ideas and phrases, create your own. 
  • Simple, short and fast key message delivery. This is what the audience expect from the political speech today. The professional speechwriter also accurately plans the length of the text according to the duration of the speech. The approximate speed of a live speech is 110-120 words / minute. 
  • Speakers character and style. Efficient speechwriters know that a political speech should be written taking into account the temperament, style and personal characteristics of the speaker. It is important that speaker’s individual unique style is reflected in the speech text. The key style elements should be defined and included in all message of this political leader. 
  • Naturalness. The audience believe and trust when a speaker is talking to them “from the heart”. They say that the best speech tells people truth about themselves. And addresses their essential needs. Keep it in mind when writing and editing your political essay.
  • Structure of a political speech. Depends on the goal. The recommended is three parts: intro (core message), the body (explanation of importance, problem-solution), conclusion (positive message + core idea for takeaway). A speechwriter may include: what is happening now, what we want in the future. 
  • Speech essential elements. They were invented over 2000 years ago. Known as Aristotle’s ethos (speaker’s credibility), pathos (emotional connection) and logos (strong logical argument). 
  • Rhythm. Professional speechwriters know that it is important to provide rhythm that will strengthen a political speech and people will “catch” it. Short and long sentences alternating is one of the techniques. 
  • Emotional journey. A public political speech is an emotional journey for the audience. For this reason, the speechwriter uses conversational start, storytelling, jokes, etc. An opening phrase is very important. It makes people engage in listening and serves to establish personal contact with the audience. The people don’t forgive speaker to be boring and don’t forgive making fun of them. The audience likes when speakers stay serious about their role, but can joke on themselves.   
  • Concrete. The audience decided to take time and listen to the speech. They want concrete and clear information. To provide this, speechwriters use shorter sentences than in text paper. Staying concrete also means to be specific about speaker’s role in the topic. And what is leading their decision-making. 
  • Words are important. When at the beginning we were talking about speech writing as a science and an art, the words’ and phrases’ choice is one of the best examples. One word or phrase can change the meaning and the perception of a speech. Right words transfer the right energy from a speaker to the audience. 

Study from the Best Motivational Speakers in the World

Best Motivational Speakers in the World

They are not politicians by profession. But they are real influencers. People follow each word, discuss their ideas, share their citations. And admire their personalities. Their ideas and the way of delivery point on what is important for people and refers to cultural mega-trends. Our recommendation is to examine their experience because you should know what is touching your audience most.

Among the top world’s motivation speakers: Nick Vujicic, Brian Tracy, Robin Sharma, Wayne Dyer, Zig Ziglar, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jim Rohn, Les Brown, Tony Robbins, Eric Thomas and many other speakers who are best in their topic area.

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