Easy Essay Topic for Elementary Students

Easy Persuasive Essay Topic for Elementary Students. Writing help

Persuasive Essay for Elementary Students. What is?

The development of persuasive writing skills is an important part of education. Here the elementary students learn to select the key things of any topic, create and develop their own ideas. The ability to persuade is extremely helpful in the study process, communication and life in general.

The good persuasive essay requires convincing the reader that the student’s idea is worthy and arguments are believable.

How to Write a Persuasive Essay?

  1. Choose the topic which is interesting for you and it touches you personally, and your schoolmates, family, friends, city, local community, country, nature, planet. Ask yourself – for which topic I could become an advocate? What I would love people could understand and change for better? What news always takes my full attention?
  1. Draw the plan: the introduction (the short topic presentation and why it is important), the body (bring facts and arguments on the topic), conclusion (what you hope for in the future and what needs to be done).
  1. Read your persuasive essay out loud as if you were speaking in the class. Edit an essay if you feel it could be better.
  1. Use grammar sites and study application to check your text for errors and find new interesting words and phrases on the topic.

Interesting and Easy Essay Topics for Elementary Students

  • Education is important. It helps to succeed in life and to create a better future for all of us.
  • A school is a place not only for study and gaining knowledge. It also teaches us to listen, respect, communicate and build relationships with other people.
  • Bullying should be forbidden at school. 
  • School dress code – should we have it or not? 
  • Elementary students are active participants in social progress.
  • Caring for the environment is the duty of everyone.
  • Violence and guns should be stopped. We need to feel safer.
  • Sports are not just physical training. They teach us to be better and stronger.
  • We need longer school break times.
  • The use of cell phones at school – helps or distracts.
  • Smoking should be forbidden.
  • Pocket money – kids should be paid for good results and help with housework.
  • Less homework is what elementary students need.
  • The school day should be shorter.
  • Kids can change the world. 
  • Elementary students can bring brilliant ideas on how to improve our school, city, country.
  • Live communication is better than hanging on the internet.
  • Caring for pets is great. We need more pets.
  • If we could hear what pets think about…
  • Reasons why I like my name.
  • In the future, we will live next to robots.
  • Computer games are helpful.
  • We want to vote.
  • Some classes are boring and useless. We need to replace them.
  • Social networks’ use – why we need a public?
  • Natural disasters are what kids worry about and need more information.
  • Homeless people need more help and care.
  • The problems kids face in some countries (hunger, wars) need to be solved.
  • If we were grownups now, we would manage things better.
  • The main issues kids really worry about are…
  • Being elementary students in America is what we’re proud about.
  • We don’t need all that knowledge to remember, we can find it on the internet at any time.
  • Science is boring or exciting?
  • We are surrounded by people who are real heroes.

Create your unique persuasive essay! Prepare carefully and get the rewards for an excellent writing job done!

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