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The Speech Works is a comprehensive speech and language clinic specializing in the

diagnosis and treatment of children and adults with speech, language, or swallowing disorders.
Our Main office is in Yuba City, California.








Speech pathologists at The Speech Works provide early intervention speech, language and swallowing evaluation and therapy services for children up to age 3. This critical time in a child’s life builds the foundation for later communication and reading skills. For children who are not developing speech and language skills, speech therapy can be a bridge to better communication skills, reduced frustration, and greater success in school readiness skills.


The Speech Works is an approved vendor with the Alta California Regional Center. As such, we provide speech therapy to children in Yuba and Sutter counties who meet the criteria for early intervention services through the ACRC.


In addition, The Speech Works has early intervention speech therapy services available to young children through other programs.

At The Speech Works, we believe it is important for parents to understand normal speech and language development and how to work with their children to encourage communication. Parent education is an important part of what we do.


Learn more about drooling as a normal part of a child’s development.

Learn more about stuttering and language development in toddlers.

Learn more about using sign language as a way to jump start communication with your baby.

Learn more about pressure equalization tubes and language development.





Preschool is an important time in a child’s life as the child matures and prepares for the structured learning time in school.  The speech-language pathologists at The Speech Works work with each family individually to determine a child’s needs.  Speech therapy is conducted individually or in small groups to work toward achieving a child’s goals.


In addition to traditional speech therapy for preschool age children, The Speech Works now offers a variety of computer-aided training and special programs to help children prepare for kindergarten. 





At The Speech Works, we understand that children need individual attention. That’s why we typically work one to one. Convenient schedules are available for before and after school in order to ensure that your child does not have to miss academic time in order to participate in speech therapy. 


In addition to traditional speech therapy, we offer computer-aided training and a number of special programs designed to help each child reach maximum potential.


The Speech Works is certified by the California State Department of Education as a Non-Public Agency. As such, we are available to contract directly with school districts to provide speech therapy services to public school students.





Our team of professionals provides speech, language, voice and swallowing therapy to adults of all ages.  As a Medicare Rehabilitation Agency, our office is authorized to bill Medicare and most insurances for evaluation and treatment.  We are experienced in the following areas:


  • Communication disorders resultant from stroke or head injury  (aphasia, apraxia, dysarthria)

  • Voice disorders (dysphonia)

  • Laryngectomy rehabilitation, including training with electrolarynx and use of tracheo-esophageal speaking valves

  • Accent reduction

  • Swallowing disorders  (dysphagia)

  • Articulation difficulties

Rose Godfrey, MA, CCC is pleased to offer the Lee Silverman Voice Treatment ®, a proven treatment for improving vocal quality in adults with Parkinson’s Disease.

The Speech Works
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